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About us

About Us

Trust's History

Established in 1984 by K. Lakshminarayanan (Chellam Iyer), SSTAKT traces its roots back 1847 (177 years), dedicated to preserving Sri Thyagaraja’s legacy.

The Sadguru Sri Thyagabrahma Aradhana Kainkarya Trust (SSTAKT) is a religious-cultural organisation dedicated to preserving and promoting the legacy of one of the most prominent composers of Carnatic music, Sri Thyagaraja Swamy (1767-1847).

The trust was established in 1984 by Sri. K. Lakshminarayanan, also known as Chellam Iyer, a school teacher who started conducting annual religious ceremonies to venerate the poet sant as per Vaidika tradition, back in 1940. Today, SSTAKT operates from its office in Bengaluru under the leadership of Ved. Br. Radhakrishna G. Seshappa.

The primary objective of SSTAKT is to conduct the Vaidika Aradhana strictly according to Shastras. Observing the necessary Vaidika ceremonies and rituals during Pushya maasa (generally during the month of January every year). The main aradhana takes place on Pushya Bahula Panchami to honour and venerate Sri Thyagaraja Swamy who took to sanyasa in the latter part of his life. Since Sri Thyagaraja Swamy was a Yati or Sanyaasi, conducting these rituals is part of the Vaidika tradition that is followed to remember and venerate such noble and spiritual souls who renounce family life.

Bharatiya Samskruthi - Significance Of Aradhana
Aradhana Programs - Sangeeta & Nritya
Vaidika Aradhana Of Sri Thyagaraja Swamy


Sri Radhakrishna G Seshappa

Managing Trustee

Dr. Usha Rk


Dr. R. Kausalya


K Gopalan

  • Organizing Committee for 2024

    Dr. V.R. Gowrishankar - Chairman
    Sri. Radhakrishna G. Seshappa - Hon. President
    Smt. Revathi Kamath - Hon. Vice President
    Dr. Usha Rk - Hon. Secretary
    Sri. Anantha Murthy - Hon. Member
    Ved. Br. Sri. Subrahmanya Bhat -Hon. Member

  • Vaidika Rituals

    Ved. Br. Sri. Bennegadde Narayan Bhat
    Ved Br. Sri. Govinda Prabhas

  • Sangeeta Utsava

    Dr. Nagamani Srinath- Director
    Dr. Suma Sudhindra- Director

  • Office & Administration

    Smt. Vanishree Gururaj
    Sri. B.G. Vijayakumar
    Sri. Thyagaraja Murthy

  • Media Relations & Publicity

    Smt. Sangeeta Radhakrishna
    Sri. Mahesh
    GVS Ventures (Social Media)

40+ Years

Established in 1984 by K. Lakshminarayanan (Chellam Iyer), SSTAKT traces its roots back 1847 (177 years)

186,000+ People Served Prasadam

About 10000 devotees are served with the ceremonial Satvik meal as prasadam every year during the Aradhana

Aradhana Ceremonies

Aradhana Traditions: Join Us During The Revered Aradhana Ceremonies Held During Pushya Bahula Panchami. These Ceremonies Involve Vaidika Rituals, Poojas, And Chanting, All Paying Homage To Sri Thyagaraja Swamy's Enduring Legacy.

Mission &

The Aradhana ceremonies are a sacred homage, embracing Vaidika rituals, poojas, chanting and symbolizing a spiritual tribute to the revered bard Sri Thyagaraja Swamy, venerating his renunciant life and profound

Cultural Legacy & Awards

These ceremonies hold immense cultural significance, serving as a timeless link to our heritage, honoring the saint's enduring legacy while fostering a sense of cultural continuity & preservation.

Rituals &

The Aradhana ceremonies foster unity, gathering devotees, musicians & spiritual seekers in an endeavour to celebrate the saint's spiritual resonance, promoting communal harmony & spiritual devotion.

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